Seek Counseling for Trauma Processing in Meridian, ID

Founder of Meridian Counseling Dr. David Cummins has been known to half-tease that "no one gets out of childhood unscathed." This is hopeful in the sense that no one needs to feel alone when dealing with trauma. Essentially, we all have it.

What is a bit sad is that we all have it. With that understanding, there is absolutely no shame in seeking therapy for trauma. And there is great news that follows: There are therapeutic techniques that can help us process trauma and keep it from disrupting our daily lives and relationships.

What trauma looks like is going to be different for everyone; however, while the trauma may be different, the results can often come from the same grab bag of behaviors and symptoms.
Do you struggle with:
  • Depression?
  • Anxiety?
  • Insomnia, restless sleep, or nightmares?
  • Addiction issues and substance abuse?
  • Unstable relationships?
  • Impulse control, including anger management?
  • Flashbacks to traumatic memories?
  • Paranoia or hypervigilance?
  • Avoidance when the topic of your trauma arises?
  • Self-isolation?
  • Unintentional weight loss or gain?
  • Changing habits or routines to avoid triggering situations?
  • Inability to focus?
  • Mood swings?
Any one or two of these symptoms of trauma does not automatically mean that your mental health issues are rooted in trauma, but if you find yourself identifying with several or even all of them, it could be very worth your time to explore these issues with a licensed professional counselor or therapist like those at Meridian Counseling

How Do You Overcome or Process Trauma?

Meridian Counseling is a bit unique in the way that we approach trauma processing. As you can read in our About Us statement, while we see the value in empathy and exploring the past, we find that many modern therapeutic approaches spend too much time sitting in moments of pain that ultimately amplify feelings of anger and violation in a client.

As individual counselors, we have shifted our focus.

  • We believe it is our job to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms that enable you to understand that your past trauma cannot hurt you anymore. Unless we are talking about active abuse, we are here to help your mind and body realize that the person, event, or circumstance that has made you so anxious and frightened is no longer a threat. You are safe. Therapy is safe.
  • We work with you to internalize this reality so that your whole future becomes brighter and you can focus on all the amazing things you are doing and will do instead of spending hours each week wondering why terrible things have happened to you.
  • We do not minimize your trauma. We have tremendous compassion for you. We know you truly have suffered. We understand that the people and events that caused that suffering are a significant part of your life. However…
  • Our goal is to bring you greater peace and satisfaction in your life now, with an expanded ability to realize your goals and dreams because you no longer live in fear of people and things that can no longer hurt you.

We use a number of counseling modalities to walk this journey with you. One therapy modality available at Meridian Counseling is EMDR Therapy. If you'd like to learn more about it, check out our EMDR page or discuss it with your counselor.


There's no reason to stay silent or suffer in shame about your trauma for even one more day. Call (208) 803-5339 or contact us today to begin relieving yourself of baggage you simply don't need to carry anymore.
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