Anger Management Counseling in Meridian, ID

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Anger is a strong signal in our mind and body letting us know that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. In that sense, it is helpful because it alerts us to circumstances that we shouldn't just tolerate.

However, with as strong as anger can be, if it is directed at the wrong target or persists for too long without doing anything about it, it is far more damaging than helpful. To quote William Arthur Ward, "It is wise to direct your anger towards problems–not people; to focus your energies on answers–not excuses."

At Meridian Counseling, we recognize that some people find directing their anger to be easier than others do. We also understand that anger can come from many places–conscious and subconscious–and that there are many methods to process, redirect, and even eliminate sources of anger in order to live a life where you have greater control and tranquility. Working with one of our professional counselors or therapists can help you get there.
If you're prepared to begin working with an anger management counselor, call (208) 803-5339.

Understanding Anger: The "Fight or Flight" Response

Anger is a basic human emotion. You're not strange for experiencing intense upset or even a desire for aggression. In fact, it would be unusual if you didn't feel anger at times. Anger is as primal as our "fight or flight" response. It's the "fight" portion.

When our impulse to fight either sparks in situations that don't warrant it, or when we lack an ability to control it even when it might be warranted, it's time to seek some help.

Perhaps more than a set of anger management classes which allow you to tick the boxes for an employer, spouse, or court, anger management counseling is a wider reaching solution. Our anger management curriculum for counseling is more comprehensive in how it analyzes, among other things:

  • Why am I filled with so much anger?
  • Why do I get angry so easily?
  • Are people around me often angry?
  • Where does my anger come from?
  • Why can't I control my anger right now?
  • How do I cope with anger? How can I develop anger coping skills?
  • How can I begin to control my anger/temper?
  • How do I control my impulses when angry?
  • What are some practical ways to relieve stress and anger?

All of this really boils down to the end question of:
How do I develop and master anger management skills?

Many anger management courses want to skip straight to this final question. Anger management counseling is different in the way it uses anger management exercises and techniques to examine the factors that impact stress in your life, identify the roots of your anger, and identify powerful motivations that will encourage you to work through this long-term process. These motivations might include:

If you find yourself at the mercy of your anger instead of the master of it, it's time to connect with Meridian Counseling. You can call (208) 803-5339 or contact us here in order to get started.

We'll begin a basic assessment to pair you with the best therapist or counselor for you, then get you on the path to less stress, better relationships, and greater peace of mind as you learn to understand and control your anger.


If you're also interested in other topics for individual counseling, take a look at our Counseling Services page for more information. We look forward to working with you.
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